Direct Contracts

YOU ASKED AND WE LISTENED! When a national PPO contract does not meet the needs of providers, they have the option of negotiating a direct contract with the Trust for the benefit of its members. The following providers have responded to their patient's requests and have completed an in-network contract negotiation directly with the Trust for the benefit of you and your family.

Provider Name Location Phone Number Specialty
Alpine Chiropractic (Dr. Fuller/Dr. Ramirez) Wasilla 907-376-2475 Chiropractic
Amy Smith, LCSW, CDCI Anchorage 907-717-9238 Clinical Social Worker/Therapist
Anchorage Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic Anchorage 907-276-7846 Orthopedic
Anchorage Neurosurgical Accociates, Inc. Anchorage 907-258-6999 Neurosurgery (Spine, Brain, related nerves)
Back in Action Physical Therapy Wasilla (907) 376-2225 Physical Therapy
Denali Orthopedic Surgery Palmer 907-745-2663 Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Brendan Kiernan Juneau 907-586-4266 Clinical Psychology
Dr. Habir Makin Anchorage (907) 212-3171 Internal Medicine
Dr. Leslie Morris Anchorage 907-929-7818 Chiropractic
Dr. Nell Wagoner Obstetrics Juneau (907) 586-1717 OB/GYN
Dr. Thomas Desalvo/ Dr. Konstantine Bunde Wasilla 907-357-7463 Chiropractic
Dr. Weston Hopkins Anchorage 907-929-7818 Chiropractic
Ideal Family Medicine Palmer (907) 357-9590 Family Practice
Jaded Body Wellness and Spine Institute Wasilla (907) 631-0600 Physical Therapy
Larson Chiropractic Wasilla (907) 376-2225 Chiropractic
Lemon Tree Family Medicine Anchorage 907-644-8733 Family Practice
Logan Larson Anchorage 907-229-5029 Licensed Professional Counselor
Midnight Sun Oncology Palmer 907-746-7771 Oncology
Natural Family Health Eagle River (907) 622-7770 Family Practice, Naturopath, Acupuncture
New Bridge Therapy Services Wasilla (907) 376-9520 Psychology
Northstar Chiropractic Wasilla 907-357-4111 Chiropractic
Orthopedic Physicians Alaska Eagle River 907-562-2277 Orthopedic
Orthopedic Physicians Alaska Anchorage 907-562-2277 Orthopedic
Orthopedic Physicians Alaska Wasilla 907-357-2267 Orthopedic
Pioneer Peak Orthopedics Palmer (907) 707-1671 Orthopedic
Restoration Wellness Wasilla (907) 376-7300 Women's and Mental Health Wellness
Snow Blossom Acupuncture Anchorage (907) 245-7669 Acupuncture
Soma Wellness Anchorage (907) 563-7662 Chiropractic / Acupuncture
Surgery Center of Wasilla Wasilla (907) 631-3578 Surgery Center
Valley Allergy Palmer (907) 745-4488 Allergist
Valley Medical Center Juneau (907) 586-2434 OB/GYN and Family Practice
Wild Iris Integrative Massage (Lawton) Palmer 907-746-3270 Massage Therapy
Willow Medical and Wellness Anchorage (907) 222-0753 Mental Health and Wellness
Wisdom Traditions Counseling Services Anchorage (907) 770-3656 Mental Health and Wellness
Wolf Eye Center Wasilla (907) 376-2020 Ophthalmologist