Going The Distance

Staying balanced in a changing world

This info was updated on: October 19, 2017

Feeling good about yourself and your life, being curious about the world around you, and enjoying what you do are all aspects of what is called “well-being.” It also includes having positive relationships, a feeling of control over your life, and a sense of purpose. Every day you can take steps to increase your personal well-being by connecting with others, being active, continuing to learn, and giving back.
SupportLinc can help by providing:

  • Articles on mindfulness, mental health and exercise;
  • Audio on relaxation and breathing;
  • Skill builders on healthy communication;
  • Information on volunteer opportunities in your community.

Change impacts all aspects of life. Every change brings a chance to self- improve or self-destruct. This session explores how people who know how to manage change may lead more successful lives.

This webinar is available on demand starting June 20th. To view this webinar, go to ‘Online Seminars’ in the ‘Centers’ section of the program’s website.
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