Go365 - Don't Be Blue

Take Your Go365 Health Assessment for Points!


Go365 is a wellness program that is part of your health benefits coverage with the Public Education Health Trust. The Go365 program is designed to reward us for making healthy choices. You could be rewarded for a range of fitness, prevention, and education activities—anything from participating in a 5k to completing a routine dental exam. It’s a Status based program that starts all members at Blue Status and moves you up based on activities completed and Points earned. Each Point you earn is also equivalent to a Buck that can be spent in the Go365 Mall. You can then spend Bucks in the Go365 Mall for items like, Amazon.com gift cards, fitness devices and more!

We have designed some fun initiatives to help you get out of Blue Status, earn some Points and maybe even some fun prizes along the way.

  • Health Assessment completion promotion
    • July 15th – September 15th; ALL subscribers who complete the HA by September 15th will receive an additional 245 bonus Go365 points.
    • 2500 Bucks ($25) will be raffled off to 45 subscribers
  • Go365 National Step Challenge
    • Participate in the National Step Challenge where we will compete against other employers with Go365 and help PEHT win a donation made in our name to local foodbank. More details coming soon!
      • Enrollment: September 9, 2020 - October 6, 2020
      • Competition: October 14, 2020 - November 11, 2020