Public Education Health Trust

About Us and Our Mission

Improving health care costs and options for members.

PEHT (Public Education Health Trust) pools large and small districts together to combine the purchasing power which reduces costs and increases the availability of benefits. The vision statement of PEHT is to Maximize member benefits at the least cost.

We provide insurance to public education employees in Alaska. Additionally, because your fellow members, staff and leadership determine coverage benefits, your health insurance provider works in your interest to deliver the lowest administrative cost, advocate during appeals of any claim decision and plan provision interpretation. PEHT supports local Choice, local Control in providing low Costs options for your health insurance.

The Public Education Health Trust pool places assets in a Trust for the sole benefit of plan participants. The Trust and the Plan are under the control of trustees elected. You have a vote in who represents your concerns with your health care needs.

If you have any questions regarding administration, costs, oversight or request a benefit, please reach out to plan administrators.