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Staying Balanced In A Changing World

Feeling good about yourself and your life, being curious about the world around you, and enjoying what you do are all aspects of what is called “well-being.” It also includes having positive relationships, a feeling of control over your life, and a sense of purpose. Every day you can take steps to increase your personal well-being by connecting with others, being active, continuing to learn, and giving back.

SupportLinc can help by providing:
• Articles on mindfulness, mental health and exercise;
• Audio on relaxation and breathing;
• Skill builders on healthy communication;
• Information on volunteer opportunities in your community.

Emotional Support: Staying Balanced in a Changing World
Available starting June 20

Change impacts all aspects of life. Every change brings a chance to self- improve or self-destruct. This session explores how people who know how to manage change may lead more successful lives.